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ABB: Contactors, Starters & Overload relays, Controls relays, and Power Factor Correction Capacitors.

Battery Buddy: Vehicle circuit breaker designed to prevent your automobile battery from running down if any accessories are left on in the vehicle, but will not disconnect if flashers are on.

Best Power: Worlds largest manufacturer of Uninterruptible Power Systems, UPS and Power Conditioners.

Bussman: Small Dimension fuses mid fuse holders.

Cable tics through 48", Installation Tools, Accessories, Panel channel, Spiral wrap, and mid Nylon Fastening hardware.

Diversified Electronics: Phase monitors, Current monitors, Current transformers, Voltage monitors, Alternating relays, Frequency monitors, Time delay relays, Solid state timers, A/C refrigeration controls and special controls and accessories.

Entrelec: Terminal blocks, Fuse Terminal blocks, PCB Teminals, Mounting rail, Electronic interface modules, Switches and Terminal Magnetic circuit breakers, Power supplies and PLC's.

Emerson Network Power / Control Concepts:
Islatrol Active tracking filters, Islatran AC power integrators, Islaguard IG scrics transient voltage surge suppression, Supertrac Active tracking surge suppressor. For clean safe power for microprocessor based electronics. A/C units to SOK amps per phase surge current capacity, mid 1200 amp three phase. DC units to 100 amps.

Falcon Fine Wire:
22ga through 14 ga.1VIWC tinned copper hookup wire.

Hammond Mfg: Industrial Electric mid Electronics enclosures. Nema Type 1,4,4x,12&13. Available in Non-Metallic, Metallic and Stainless.

IBOCO: Plastic wire duct, 1/2" through 6" widths, Open slot, choice of Gray or White color.

IDEC: PLC's (Micro-1, Micro-3, Micro smart, Smart relay and FA Series), Relays, Timers, Counters, Sockets, Selector switches, Push buttons, Pilot lights, and circuit breakers.

Intellution: Software for process visualization trending, supervisory control, data collection, data management, alarm management and reporting. Kelley's Controls is a certified System Integrator for Intellution.

KEP: Offers a full line of HMI panels, Flat Displays "That are readable in sunlight", Panel meters, Flow Instruction, Counters, Timers and Rate meters.

T3-1/4 long life vibration resistant Led cluster type miniature bayonet lamps.

MDS: Kelley's has partnered with MDS Wireless, Inc., to bring you global wireless solutions for SCADA, Telemetry, Telecommunications and Online Transition markets. Trust Kelley's to make your wireless project a success on all fronts.

Paragon Electric Co: Electronic and Mechanical Timers, Spring wound timers for wall outlets, 12vdc for deer feeders, mid various special timers.

Pelican Products: The toughest, watertight, dustproof equipment cases in the world.

Phonetics Inc: Environmental monitoring systems, Automatic phone dialers for various applications in local or remote locations.

Power One: Linear and Universal power supplies that meet Domestic mid Foreign regulatory requirements.

Powersonic: Rechargeable sealed lead acid batteries, button cell batteries mid battery charges for various types of batteries.

Redlion: Manufactures industrial control products in four product areas, Hiunan Machine Interface, PID control, Digital and Analog I10. Signal Conditioning.

Rittal: Junction boxes, Electronics boxes, Instrument racks, Operator consoles, Stainless mid Fiberglass enclosures that meet Nema Specifications.

Spectrum Controls: Operator Interface / Workstation for PLC's, Flat-pak AT class workstations, Industrial computers.

Solarex: Solar panels, Regulators, Controllers for remote power supply applications

Sylvania: Miniature lamps mid lamp holders. Kelley's Controls is a certified System Integrator for Sylvania.

Wonderware: SCADA software for process visualization, real time trending, data collection and storage, alarming and reporting. Kelley's Controls is a certified System Integrator for Wonderware.

Offers the largest line on Non metallic enclosures for almost any application.